The Twelve Months

An awful woman lived with her daughter and stepdaughter in her household

She possessed feelings of hate for her stepdaughter, Anna. Anna worked

while her stepsister did nothing. On a cold January night, Anna’s stepmother

remarked, “Your stepsister desires flowers. Go and find some.”

Anna wasn’t anxious to walk through the chilled landscape. The cold air made

her lungs burn. She walked at a slow pace because of the snow. Soon she saw a

group of people. It consisted of twelve men. Anna told them about the flowers.

One of the man said they were the twelve months and that they would help

Anna. January walked to her and made a motion with his hand. The days of

the month passed rapidly until it was February’s turn. February also made the

month speed up. Then March made the sun shine and flowers grew in the field.

Anna loaded her basket with so many flowers that she could hardly lift it.

Then she gave a quick but polite “thank you” to the twelve men and returned

home. She was very eager to show her stepmother all the flowers. Back at the

house, she spilled the flowers onto the table. Then she told her stepmother

about the twelve men. Anna’s stepmother and stepsister went

to seek the twelve months. Their intent was to ask for

gifts. They looked and looked. They became very lost

and never found their way home. anna lived happily by herself